• Organic Gardener' Composting
Compost making is a simple process. Done properly it becomes a natural part of your gardening or yard maintenance activities as much so as mowing the lawn. And making compost does not have to take any more effort than bagging up yard waste.
Precisely defined composting means enhancing the consumption of crude organic matter by a complex ecology of biological decomposition organisms. As raw organic materials are eaten and re-eaten by many many tiny organisms from bacteria (the smallest) to earthworms (the largest) their components are gradually altered and recombined. Gardeners often use the terms organic matter compost and humus as interchangeable identities. But there are important differences in meaning that need to be explained.
For thousands of years gardeners and farmers had few fertilizers other than animal manure and compost. These were always considered very valuable substances and a great deal of lore existed about using them. During the early part of this century our focus changed to using chemicals; organic wastes were often considered nuisances with little value. These days we are rediscovering compost as an agent of soil improvement and also finding out that we must compost organic waste materials to recycle them in an ecologically sound manner.
Learn everything you need to know about organic composting in this 330-page eBook.

Organic Gardener' Composting

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